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Brugman, Burgers, Beukeboom & Konijn  (2021)

From the Daily Show to Last Week Tonight: A quantitative analysis of discursive integration in satirical television news

Brugman, Burgers, Beukeboom & Konijn  (2020)

Satirical news from left to right: Discursive integration in written online satire

Droog, Burgers & Steen (2020)

How satirists alternate between discursive modes: An introduction of the humoristic metaphors in satirical news (HMSN) typology

Brugman & Burgers (2020)

Sounds like a funny joke: Effects of vocal pitch and speech rate on satire liking 

Burgers, Brugman & Boeynaems (2019)

Systematic literature reviews: Four applications for interdisciplinary research 

Vermeulen, Droog & Burgers (2019)

Overlay ads in humorous online videos: it’s a matter of timing 

Beukeboom & Burgers (2019)

Seeing bias in irony: How recipients infer speakers’ stereotypes from their ironic remarks about social-category members

Brugman, Burgers & Vis (2019)

Metaphorical framing in political discourse through words vs. concepts: a meta-analysis


This project builds on the NWO/VENI project ‘Figurative Framing’ (2014-2018), awarded to dr. Christian Burgers. Please see below for publications from this VENI project

Burgers & Ahrens


Change in metaphorical framing over time: Metaphors of TRADE in 225 years of State of the Union addresses (1790-2014)

Burgers, Jong Tjien Fa & de Graaf (2019)

 A tale of two swamps: Transformations of a metaphorical frame in online partisan media 

Burgers, Renardel de Lavalette & Steen (2018)

Metaphor, hyperbole, and irony: Uses in isolation and in combination in written discourse 

Brugman & Burgers (2018)

Political framing across disciplines: Evidence from 21st-century experiments 

Boeynaems, Burgers, Konijn & Steen (2017)

The effects of metaphorical framing on political persuasion: A systematic literature review

Brugman, Burgers & Steen (2017)

Recategorizing political frames: a systematic review of metaphorical framing in experiments on political communication

Burgers & van Mulken (2017)

Humor markers

Boeynaems, Burgers, Konijn & Steen (2017)

The impact of conventional and novel metaphors in news on issue viewpoint

Burgers & Steen


Introducing a three-dimensional model of verbal irony: Irony in language, in thought, and in communication 

Burgers, Konijn & Steen (2016)

Figurative framing: Shaping public discourse through metaphor, hyperbole, and irony

Burgers, Brugman, Renardel de Lavalette & Steen (2016)

HIP: A method for linguistic hyperbole identification in discourse



Conceptualizing change in communication through metaphor

Burgers, Konijn, Steen & Iepsma (2015)

Making ads less complex, yet more creative and persuasive: the effects of conventional metaphors and irony in print advertising

Burgers, Beukeboom, Kelder & Peeters (2014)

How sports fans forge intergroup competition through language: The case of verbal irony 

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