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June, 2020

The 13th RaAM conference (Virtual)

Britta Brugman and Ellen Droog virtually presented the first paper of their PhD Disstertations at the 13th RaAm conference (18-21 June). 

This year's keynote speakers were:


  • Marianna Bolognesi (University of Oxford, UK)

  • Daniel Casasanto (Cornell University, USA)

  • Jeannette Littlemore (University of Birmingham, UK)

  • Tony Veale (University College Dublin, Ireland)  

For more information about this conference see:

February, 2020

Humor and communication in Boom Chigago

On Thursday 30 January, Christian Burgers talked about the role and importance of humor in communication. Two colleagues (Bart Veilbrief and Sebas van der Sangen) from the communication team of the municipality of Amsterdam talked about how they use humor in their communication to the people living in Amsterdam. 

These talks were followed by a fun and interactive comedy program about communication provided by Boom Chicago. 

Before these interesting talks and comedy show, various Logeion members discussed the coming 2020-2021 communication trends in the so-called 'Trendsessie'. Christian Burgers was a speaker in this 'Trendsessie' and talked about algorithms that can predict the present based on the past, and how new technologies relate to societal issues such as polarization.  

For more information about this day see:

October, 2019

International Conference on Verbal Humor

On the 23rd of October, Britta Brugman and Ellen Droog presented the first paper of their PhD Disstertations at the International Conference on Verbal Humor at the University of Alicante in Spain. 

This year’s keynote speakers were:

  • prof. dr. Salvatore Attardo

  • dr. Tony Veale

  • dr. Nancy Bell

  • prof. dr. Helga Kotthoff

  • dr. Leonor Ruiz Gurillo

For more information about this conference see:

May, 2019

Research presented at RaAM seminar and ICA!

Britta Brugman and Ellen Droog presented their research on 16-17 May at the 7th specialised RaAM seminar which took place at the University of Liège, Belgium and at the 69th International Communication Association Conference on 23-27 May which took place in Washington, USA. 

For more information about these conferences see:

September 4, 2018

Broodje Onderzoek 'Political Satire: Language, Medium and Impact'

Christian Burgers presented his recently started vidi-project about contemporary political satire to people of the faculty of Social Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In this 'Broodje Onderzoek' he gave an overview of this new research project, and he placed the project in his research line on figurative framing. In addition to this interesting talk, “broodjes kroket” were served to everyone who attended.

February, 2020

Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap


On the 6th-7th of February, Britta Brugman and Ellen Droog presented the first paper of their PhD Disstertations at the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap in Amsterdam.


This year the annual conference was organized by the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam. 

This year’s keynote speakers were:

  • prof. dr. Ionica Smeets

  • Teun van de Keuken (investigate journalist)

For more information about this conference see: 

January, 2020

Logeion New Year's meeting

On the 9th of January, Christian Burgers gave a talked about the role of humor in communication at the Logeion New Year's meeting in Beeld en Geluid Den Haag. 

Other speakers were:

  • Wieneke Buurman (Chair of Logeion)

  • Mieke Kerkhof (gynecologist and writer)

For more information about this event see:

August, 2019

Metaphor Festival 2019

On the 29th of August, Britta Brugman and Ellen Droog presented the first paper of their PhD Disstertations at the annual Metaphor Festival in Amsterdam. Britta talked about 'Satirical news as a hybrid genre: A cross-linguistic comparison with regular news and fiction' and Ellen talked about her 'Typology of metaphorical humor in satiric news'.

This year’s keynote speakers were:

  • prof. dr. Anjan Chatterjee

  • dr. Bodo Winter

This year The Metaphor Festival closed on Saturday with a meet&greet with one of the following four scholars in the field of metaphor:

  • prof. dr. Anjan Chatterjee

  • dr. Bodo Winter

  • dr. Marianne Bolognesi

  • dr. Giulia Frezza

In the afternoon there was an interesting cartoonworkshop with the famous dutch cartoonist Tjeerd Royaards!

For more information about this conference see:

April 1, 2019

Opening exhibition 'Politieke Satire: van spotprent tot meme!'

On Monday April 1, a mini-symposium took place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in honor of  the opening of the exhibition Politieke satire, van spotprent tot meme!. Various speakers reflected on the role of political satire in our contemporary society.    

The symposium kicked-off with an introduction by Prof. Dr. Christian Burgers, followed by two interviews with Benjamin Kikkert (cartoonist) and Daphne Koene (secretary of de Raad voor de Journalistiek), and the official opening of the exhibition by Benjamin Kikkert en Ellen Droog.

About the exhibition

Do we live in a ‘golden age’ of political satire? On the one hand you would say yes: satirical news shows such as ‘Zondag met Lubach’ or ‘Last Week Tonight’, and satirical news websites such as ‘De Speld’ or ‘The Onion’ are immensely popular. With social developments such as Brexit and the rise of authoritarian leaders all over the world, there is also plenty of food for satire. But on the other hand, political satire already has a long history. We have seen examples of political satire since Roman-Greek antiquity, so how exactly did this genre develop over the years?


In this exhibition we take a look at the development of satire from the perspective of political cartoons. We compare modern cartoons with those from 50 and even 100 years ago. What we see is that today's cartoonists largely use the same visual language as the cartoonists from the past. However, a lot has changed as well, for example due to the rise of social media and other new technologies. In this exhibition, we therefore also take a look at the use of typical 21st-century phenomena, such as Internet memes.

This exhibition has been compiled by drs. Ellen Droog and prof. Dr. Christian Burgers from the Department of Communication Science in collaboration with curator Hans Seijlhouwer from the University Library.

August 31, 2018

Launch VIDI project ‘Contemporary Political Satire’ at the Metaphor Festival

Christian Burgers (PI), Britta Brugman (PhD) and Ellen Droog (PhD), opened the VIDI project ‘Contemporary Political Satire’, by presenting this new research project at the Metaphor Festival (an academic conference) in Amsterdam. From 30 August through 1 September 2018, the third Amsterdam Metaphor Festival took place at the University of Amsterdam.

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