Inaugural lecture

On Thursday 1 October 2020, Christian Burgers will give his inaugural lecture as Professor in Strategic Communication by special appointment at the University of Amsterdam. The lecture will be in the Auditorium of the University of Amsterdam, Old Lutheran Church, Singel 411, 1012 XM Amsterdam. Doors will open at 15.30 hours, and the lecture will start at 16.00 hours.

October 1, 2020

Publiekslezing Spelen met Taal

On Tuesday May 26. 2020. Christian Burgers will give a public lecture called 'Spelen met taal' (playing with language) in the oude Lutherse Kerk in Amsterdam.

More information about this lecture will follow soon. 


May 26, 2020

Exhibition "Politieke Satire: De beeldtaal van spotprenten"

Do we live in a ‘golden age’ of political satire? On the one hand you would say yes: satirical news shows such as ‘Zondag met Lubach’ or ‘The Daily Show’, are immensely popular. With social developments such as Brexit and the rise of authoritarian leaders all over the world, there is also plenty of food for satire. But on the other hand, political satire already has a long history. We have seen examples of political satire since Roman-Greek antiquity. To what extent does the form and content of satire change over time? 

In this exhibition we look at an important form of political satire: political cartoons. We compare the visual language of modern cartoons with those of about 100 years ago, and we see surprising similarities! The exhibition is on display at the OBA Roelof Hartplein in Amsterdam, from April 1 to May 31. 


This exhibition has been compiled by Pamela Smith, BSc, drs. Ellen Droog, and prof. Dr. Christian Burgers, in collaboration with the Heritage Collections of the University Library of the VU University Amsterdam, within the framework of NWO VIDI project 276-45-005.   

april 1 - may 31, 2020

The 13th RaAM conference in Hamar (Norway)

Coming May, Britta Brugman and Ellen Droog will present the first paper of their PhD Disstertations at the 13th RaAm conference in Hamar Norway.

This year's keynote speakers are:


  • Marianna Bolognesi (University of Oxford, UK)

  • Daniel Casasanto (Cornell University, USA)

  • Jeannette Littlemore (University of Birmingham, UK)

  • Tony Veale (University College Dublin, Ireland)  

For more information about this conference see:

June 18-21, 2020

Opening exhibition "Politieke Satire: De beeldtaal van spotprenten"

On Thursday April 2, a festive opening of the exhibition "Politieke Satire: De beeldtaal van spotprenten" will take place at the OBA Roelof Hartplein in Amsterdam.

More information about this opening and the speakers will follow soon. 

April 2, 2020

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