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Figurative Framing: Shaping Public Discourse Through Metaphor, Hyperbole, and Irony (2016)

Burgers, Konijn & Steen

The Effects of Metaphorical Framing on Political Persuasion: A Systematic Literature Review (2017)

Boeynaems, Burgers, Konijn & Steen

Conceptualizing Change in Communication Through Metaphor (2016)


Making ads less complex, yet more creative and persuasive: the effects of conventional metaphors and irony in print advertising (2015)

Burgers, Konijn, Steen & Iepsma

Metaphor, Hyperbole, and Irony: Uses in Isolation and in Combination in Written Discourse (2018)

Burgers, Renardel de Lavalette & Steen

Recategorizing political frames: a systematic review of metaphorical framing in experiments on political communication (2017)

Brugman, Burgers, & Steen

HIP: A Method for Linguistic Hyperbole Identification in Discourse (2016)

Burgers, Brugman, Renardel de Lavalette & Steen

Political framing across disciplines: Evidence from 21st-century experiments (2018)

Brugman & Burgers

Humor markers (2017)

Burgers & van Mulken

How Sports Fans Forge Intergroup Competition Through Language: The Case of Verbal Irony (2014)

Burgers, Beukeboom, Kelder & Peeters

Rousing reviews and instigative images: The impact of online reviews and visual design characteristics on app downloads (2016)

Burgers, Eden, Jong & Buningh

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